About me


I’m Marcelo Falkowski Bertoldi, a graphic designer and art director (UEL-BR), specialist in Marketing and Publicity Management (UEL-BR) and also in Philosophy and Languages of Modernity (UNITN-IT)  with over 15 years of experience.

My experience concerns many fields of graphic design, such as branding, advertising, design and in-house agency; consultancy; publishing and printing house.

After graduating in 2003 I founded a graphic design agency (novedez design) with Antonio Barizon, and for two years we developed a wide range of graphic design projects with a focus on branding and print.

In 2005 I moved to Italy to take a master in Philosophy and Languages of Modernity. In Italy, I’ve worked as a freelancer and I also started to paint. The experience with painting gave me more confidence and knowledge about colours and composition.

In 2008 I joined Archimede Creativa, an award winning agency in Italy, as the senior graphic designer. I was responsible for conceiving and managing offline design projects, including advertising, branding, visual identity and editorial design.

I started working with Towers Watson as a creative designer in 2011. My main responsibility was to provide internal communication for different brands, such as Agilent, Allianz, American Express, Aviva, Avon, Axa, Balfour Beatty, Bank of America, Bank of New York, BASF, BMS, BP, Britvic, City&Guilds, Coca-cola, DHL, Disney, Hitachi, HSBC, ICI, INEOS, JP Morgan, JTI, Mars, Merck, NBC Universal, RBS, Ricardo, Siemens, Texas Instrumental, Roche, Tyco, Vodafone, ecc.

Currently I’ve been freelancing with different companies in London where I’m working with a range of different projects and clients. I’m also available for new partners and creative collaboration.

I’m always trying to bring innovation to projects I’m working on. My studies in Philosophy complement some essential design skills such as problem solving, brainstorming ideas, people management, team work, strategic thinking, and others.

For further information, please read my curriculum. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio and to contact me.